Thursday, 14 July 2011

History of the BSA industrial group

History of the BSA industrial group

BSA began in June 1861 in the Gun Quarter, Birmingham  England founded, specifically to manufacture guns by machinery, by fourteen gunsmiths of the Birmingham Small Arms Trade Association. The balance had moved against the Birmingham gunsmiths following the outbreak of the Crimean War in 1854.

The Board of Ordnance's Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield had introduced machinery made in the USA. Their greatly increased output had been achieved with reduced reliance on skilled craftsmen. The War Office provided free access to technical drawings and their facilities at their Enfield factory.
The newly-formed company purchased 25 acres of land at Small Heath Birmingham, built a factory there and made a road on the site calling it Armoury Road.


In November 1919 BSA launched their first 50 degree vee-twin, Model E, 770cc side valve (6-7 hp) motorcycle for the 1920 season.. The machine had interchangeable valves, total loss oil system with mechanical pump and an emergency hand one. Retail price was £130. Other features were Amac carburettor, chain drive, choice of magneto or Magdyno, 7-plate clutch, 3 speed gear box with kickstarter and new type of cantilever fork.